Passion, attention to details,
respect for the environment
and biodiversity

Olio di Mino Our

For about a century we have been following our greatest passion: cultivating the family olive groves. The baton has been passed from father to son for three generations and today we produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil, while maintaining the values of the tradition.

Everything originates from the olive groves in Contrada Scintilia about twenty kilometers from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (Sicily). At the beginning, the production was reserved for the consumption of family and friends, while from 2020 our oil has become a high quality product, recognized and awarded nationally and internationally.

Today Di Mino oil is ready to reach tables all over the world.

Olio di Mino Our

The careful selection of the olives, the cold pressing within a few hours of harvesting and the correct conservation, guarantee three varieties of oil in single cultivars (Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Coratina) and a blended obtained instead from Nocellara del Belice olives mixed with Biancolilla olives and small amounts of other rare cultivars.

Our olive groves are grown in a natural way, without any use of chemicals and respecting the biodiversity and the morphological characteristics of the land. This particular attention has led our oil to obtain quality certifications as a BIO and IGP product.

Olio di Mino Our

With a unique taste and aroma, our oil is healthy and genuine, able to enhance the flavours of all dishes in all their nuances.

Our oil is characterized by very low values of peroxides, acidity close to zero and high content of polyphenols, characteristics that guarantee excellent nutritional qualities with positive health effects.

In particular, the high content of polyphenols, which gives our oil bitter notes, contributes to the prevention of some diseases, counteracting the action of harmful free radicals and preventing the oxidation of fatty acids.

Nocellara del Belice

Organic IGP Sicily extra virgin olive oil

Green hue with golden highlights; green fruity herbaceous notes, whith hints of tomato, almond, apple and leaf; soft and rounded on the palate, medium pungency, artichoke flavours.

Versatile, whether raw or cooked. Ideal with tomato salads.

Awards 2021/2022

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards: Gold medal
London International Olive Oil Competitions: Quality - Silver medal
London Interational Olive Oil Competitions: Health and Claim - Silver medal
Concorso Sol d’Oro Verona: Absolute beginners - Great mention
EVO IOOC International Olive Oil Contest: Silver medal
Milan International Olive Oil Award: Gold tasting cup medium green fruitiness
Fondazione Italiana Sommelier: 5 gocce Bibenda 2022
Oli d'Italia Gambero Rosso 2022: Due foglie
Biol 2022 XXVII International Prize: Gold medal
19^ Rassegna Nazionale Oli Monovarietali - Assam: Attestato di eccellenza
New York Olive Oil Competition 2022 (NYIOOC 2022): Gold Award


Organic IGP Sicily extra virgin olive oil

Green hue with golden highlights; herbaceous fruity notes, with hints of citrus fruits and almond; mild initial impact, good fluidity, vegetal taste and mild bitter and peppery notes.

Versatile, whether raw or cooked. Ideal with boiled octopus.

Awards 2021

Milan International Olive Oil Award: Silver tasting cup mild ripe fruitiness


Organic extra virgin olive oil

Green Fruity herbaceous notes, with hints of tomato, almond, apple and leaf, soft and rounded on the palate.

Versatile, whether raw or cooked.